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November 15, 2011


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Op T-20 has begun
Emma, Slavic, Drifter and David Agman are in Russia
Moscow, Soviet Russia
June 3rd 1969

WARNING: This journal does contain a bit of discrimination at the start. If you do not want to see this, I suggest that you leave now.

Drifter: The city seems to be full of commies. I don't know. Why do the Americans think of you as a threat, Slavic?
Slavic: Because they did not see my true colours. They are arrogant people since they can't listen to my side of the story.
Emma: Wow. I feel sorry for you, Slavic
Slavic: Don't be. Let's get some guns.
Dave: OK! Err... Let's go there first!
*Dave opens the door*
Dave: Hello? Anyone in?
Dave: It's me! Captain David Agman of Beta Squad.
Dimitri: Agman?
Dave: Yes?
Dimitri: *Hugs* WELCOME HOME FRIEND!!!
Slavic: Err, Dave? What is going on?
Dave: This is Dimitri Kravchencko. He helped me fight of the Nazi hordes in Breslau, Germany.
Dimitri: Please! Take what you need! I have a full arsenal of guns here!
Slavic: I will take a... AK47, with ACOG sight!
Dimitri: Sure. *Puts ACOG on, along with surpressor*
Drifter: I will take a dual wield C275 with Full Auto Technology!
Dimitri: OK! *Upgrades C275 and adds on Extended mags*
Emma: Hmm... Tough Choice... Don't you have anything lightweight?
Dimitri: The closest to them would be an Enfield or a Stoner63, I am afraid.
Emma: I'll take both! With the best attachments you have!
Dimitri: Anything you say! *Gets guns and puts on the best attachments*
Dave: I'll take a Spas-12 with Upgraded Iron sights!
Dimitri: Sure. *Puts on upgraded sights*
Dave: Thank you for your help, my friend.
Dimitri: WAIT! It isn't safe to go out there!
Drifter: Why?
Dimitri: Because the Americans would kill you on sight!
Slavic: There are Americans in Russia?
Dimitri: Yes! Now get down!
*Everyone gets down*
US Soldier: See any Commies around?
US Soldier 2: Not yet. I think they've left.
Dimitri: Drifter! Take these two Ballistic knives and kill them both!
Drifter: OK! *Drifter gets out, Then Kills the two soldiers.*
Dimitri: Get back in!
Drifter: OK! *Gets back in*
Dimitri: Slavic! I have a list of the targets who have your seals to the upgrade you seek!
Slavic: How did you-
Dimitri: I fought to defend Stalin too. *Gives list*
Slavic: The people I need to kill are on this list?
Dimitri: They used to be part of Mother Russia, But they betrayed her.
Dave: OK.
Dimitri: These are the people who need to die, and their evil leader...
Amelin- A Gruesome Trader who threatens to kill anyone who stands in his way. He has been accused of killing too many of his brethren.
Golovin- The man who deals with assassinations, he is very silent and will kidnap anyone and give them back to Amelin.
Yershov- A gunslinger, he tends to be in the far parts of Russia and also makes meat out of his victims
Kozar- Deadly and Gruesome, he is the mad medic and will use ordinary people to be used as his personal guinea pigs
And their leader is worse...
Slavic, Drifter, Emma and Dave: WHO IS HE?
Dimitri: Istomin- He is the creator of Supernova and the leader of them all... He must die... He killed most of Beta Squad. He is a traitor to Russia.
Slavic: So I kill them and get the seals?
Dimitri: Yes! Kill them and bring me their heads!
Slavic: OK! Let's do this!
*All except Dimitri run out*
Dimitri: URA!!
Dave and Slavic: URA!!

December 23rd 1945
Project Slavic is at a standstill due to power cuts
Moscow, Soviet Russia

Stalin: LEV!
Lev: Yes sir?
Stalin: What is the progress with Slavic?
Lev: Before the Power cut, 60%, Sir.
Stalin: WHAT?!
Lev: I just told you!
Stalin: I'm Sorry, Lev. I am annoyed.
Lev: At what?
Stalin: At my own past... I was an outcast...
Lev: Ignore that! Think about now!
Stalin: HOW CAN I?!
Lev: :O, sir...
Stalin: *Cries*
Lev: Don't worry. I'll leave you alone...
Ummm... One thing.

My character is at rank Capitan everywhere...
But anyway, nice!
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